On The Shooting in New Zealand

DEAR Brothers and Sisters,
“Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiuun!”
We all belong to Allah, and we all surely will return to Him.

Once again a very tragic event took place in New Zealand last night. An Australian terrorist, 28 years old, enter into a mosque (Church center Mosque) and rampantly shooted to our praying Muslim Brothers and Sistes. At least 27 got killed, while more than 50 badly injured.

While we are still following the event closely I would like to send my deepest condolence and sincerest du’a (prayer) for the victims and their loved ones. May our Muslim Brothers and Sisters in New Zealand and Australia and every where else be protected by Allah the Almighty.

Certainly without any doubt that this is a terrorist attack on our Muslim Community. We condemn it fully, and urge authorities to speedily do their job and take the perpetrator to justice.

We also call upon media to be honest in their coverage. This tragic event will uncover peoples, especially media and politicians honesty. Will they label this terrorist attack as they often do when any Muslim commit such evil?

I also would like to ask every Muslim to refrain from sharing or forwarding those shooting videos of our Brothers and Sisters in Bew Zealand. You don’t have to feel by sending those video out that you have become a hero.

By spreading those videos, can create further damages:
– fear to some who watch it, especially Malims. And we must not be fearful, although we must be careful.
– can inspire some more crazy people (especially white terrorists) around to follow.
– some will gain money on our Brothers and Sisters blood….

So I remind you not to share those videos. Unless those videos are needed for certain purposes, such as for leadership or law enforcement.

Share this message instead!

Brotherly yours
Imam Shamsi Ali- New York, USA

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