A Parody Caused by the Decline in National Identity

A Parody Caused by the Decline in National Identity
Hendropriyono | SENAYANPOST.com
A Parody Caused by the Decline in National Identity
A Parody Caused by the Decline in National Identity

By: Hendropriyono*

AS IT turned out, the people who parodied the Indonesian National Anthem were Indonesian citizens in Sabah, Malaysia, and Cianjur, Indonesia. It is often such treasonous behavior which makes us look bad in the eyes of the world, as done by those who put down their own people.

These are people who have become blinded by their own ideas, and as such have been harming the mentality of the youth. The “morals” which they uphold are no longer the morals found in the 5-point national ideology of the Pancasila, and the “religion” which they propagate is not faith as sanctioned by God.

The institutions of the Republic need to drag those responsible for such a thing, namely those spreaders of such hatred, to court. It should be realized that this incident occurred as a result of the liberalization of social and political affairs, without having any limits on mental tenacity or social discipline in place. This is a warning sign that Indonesia is beginning to lose its identity as a nation.

Breakthroughs need to be made in education, by developing the character and morals embodied in the Pancasila, as well as by building up a patriotic environment for the coming generations.

As was seen in that uploaded video which parodied the national anthem, the song’s lyrics were altered.

Each word which was changed was meant to be a provocation. On top of that, the Griffon symbol of Indonesia was replaced with a chicken.

Insp. Gen. Raden Argo, Head of the Public Relations Division at National Police Headquarters, provided some background information about the plan to make that parody song, the perpetrator of which was in Malaysia and had the initials NJ. It began when NJ and MDF became friends on the internet and often communicated with one other.

It can also be seen in that video that the phrase “United in Diversity” is written backwards.

Indonesian social media users have denounced this act. In the comments section, many suggested that this video, a provocative parody of Indonesia’s national anthem, be reported. 

*Professor at the State Intelligence College (STIN) and the Military Law College (STHM)